The Travelodge hotel chain has released a list of some of the strangest requests its staff has received from the 16.5 million customers it has housed over the past year.

• "Can I have your best sun-facing room as I have to soak in the sunbeams first thing in the morning to boost my aura for the day?"

• "Do you offer a sleep-sitting service? I need someone to watch over me while I'm sleeping because I tend to sleepwalk."

• "Does your pet policy include my two pet llamas?"

• "Can you send someone to warm my bed up?"

• "Can you fill my bath with milk?"

• "Can my hen Gladys stay with us? We’ll only eat fresh eggs laid by her."

• A customer holding a TV remote asked, "How can I get a signal on this phone?"

• "My boyfriend has stood me up, can you escort me to my friend's wedding?"

• "Can you do my son's math homework?"